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MessageSujet: GUIDE [ LANGUAGE BARRIER QUEST]   Dim 24 Aoû - 4:10


"Language barrier"

Partez du port d'iccicle vers Fortune Island (1642,1986). Recorder la bas.
A partir de Fortune Island, voguer vers Spring Island Harbor (3423,2561).

ps: cette carte n'est pas juste c juste pour donner une idee...

Apres avoir accoster au port de spring aller parler a la Teleporter "Chun-Li". Parler lui afin d'avoir la quest "Language barrier"

De la retourner a Fortune Island en bateau. De la retourner a Argent et parler avec le NPC "Granny beldie" (2277, 2769). elle vous dira d aller parler avec Barwaitress Barbara (1310, 530). Barbara vous vendra la recette de la language potion pour 100K Acheter et double clicer dans votre inventaire.

La recette vous donnera la quest des item a recolter:

30 Fascia Fish bone - from Spiny Fish Bone in Deep Blue 370, 2317

30 Thick Fish Bone - from Hungry Fish Bone in Deep Blue 428, 2957

30 Rotten Fish Bone - from Decaying Fish Bone in Magical Ocean 3828, 3114 (Attention: It says "Decaying Fish Bone" on Homepage and questlog! But the real name of this Fish is "Scavaging Fish Bone" <--thats the name you will see if you point at the fish)

10 Shining Sea Jelly Skin - from Swift Cyclonic Sea Jelly in Magical Ocean 3750, 1275

After collecting this items" onclick="tagshow(event)" class="t_tag">items head back to NPC "Master Kerra" in Icespire Heaven. He will charge you additional 50K Gold for mixing this potion. Pay him, and the quest is done! Congratulation =)

Part two: Rewards and additional hints

For completing this quest, you get:

- 550.000 EXP

- "Shooting Star" Necklace (lvl55, +12 HP recovery)

- Alloy Pickaxe (you can mine meteorites with it, more information below)

- ability to buy Fortune and career lots at NPC "Diviner - Hocus Pocus" 3257, 2502 on Spring island

Things you have to know for this quest:

- If you sail from fortune Island to Spring Island, watch out for the Dolphins and Shadow mermaids you will pass! They appear in large amount and attack you immediately!

- Since you have to kill a lot of Sea Monsters, better be a Voyager with entanglement and Lightning curtain! Or get a Voyager to help you. For a better killing rate, check out my other Guide "How to kill Sea monster without taking damage" located in this forum.


I've heard the rumour that you can bribe Mater Kerra with 600K Gold to avoid this collecting Quest. Dont know if it's true, but if your rich maybe worth to check it out.


Part three: Alloy Pickaxe

You can mine meteorites with an Alloy Pickaxe. Not quite much to say, except for the stuff you get from meteorites:

-May Day Card- <-- Not sure what you can do with it! It says "Pass me to a GM for a suprise", but i doubt the GM's in ToP know about it. It's a relic from a former Piratekingsonline Event. There it's said you get 1K per card from a GM. Or a mystic Chest for 20. Only admins know what to do with it then XDD

Dark Wishing stone <-- If you double click on it, you get a rather worthless Item such as Ice cream or Elven fruit juice. Collect 5 of it and combine it with a catalyst for a "sparkling wishing stone"

catalyst (slightly other name, but forgot it already lol^^ you will recognize it when you see it!) You can use it + 5 Dark Wishing stone to get one sparkling wishing stone! To do this, bring them to NPC "Redemption - Bingo" in Argent City 2231, 2715 and combine it.

You can get higher lvl HP recovery stuff with an sparkling wishing stone. It's also said that you can get rare equipment, but since i only used one of this stone yet, i can't confirm it.

Please note that your Alloy Pickaxe has a durability of 100! You CAN NOT repair it! Once it reaches "0", its useless. Also, you can't trade or sell it! Aloy Pickaxe is normaly meant to be a "Item Mall" item, so if the admins in here hurry, you can buy it soon lol.

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